Let’s Talk Tuesday | Consumed by Goals

Have you ever gotten so lost in what you were “trying” to do that you lost your focus? For example, this past semester in
school, I worked so hard on adjusting one goal that all others were thrown on the back burner. It’s not that I wasn’t attempting to work on the others I just found myself more consumed by my more life-changing goals.

It’s like… I’ve been trying to lose weight for so long that I’m convinced it won’t be life-changing at this point; until after the loss is more than slightly noticeable. I mean who’s going to see me and say, “Oh, you lost 6 pounds! You look good!” Exactly. Not one soul. With the exception of my nurse and physician, and that’s because they have to make me get on the scale.

And sometimes, even though I know what I need to do to meet my
weight loss goals, I also know that my educational/academic goals are just as important to my future. Basically I find my self
choosing between me and a better life for myself later. How do you win that war? Is it possible?

Point of this story: why is it that we get so consumed in some things (dreams, work, etc.) that we don’t focus on our other goals? Shouldn’t we be capable of focusing on more than the task at hand? And is it possible to take on more than you can handle without taking on that much at all?


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