Let’s Talk… | More Than Just Friends?

“AW! You two are such a cute couple!” I find myself running into this exclamation way too often as of late while spending time with my best friend. And for some reason it definitely has me thinking…

To give a bit of background before I really get into this, I’ve known this guy since I was a freshman in high school, and we’ve always been really cool. Well, he’d moved away from TN, but decided to come back here for college. Ever since orientation we’ve been inseparable; and, this semester it’s pretty much just been me and him ALL the time. He comes to my house, I go to his place, movies, dinner, shopping, you name it.

It wasn’t until my mom’s friend asked me if we were dating that I even realized it seemed like we are. Now don’t get me wrong, I would be honored to date such a gentleman, but it’s just strange that every time we’re in public people assume we’re “together”.

So now that I’m utterly confused about the situation, I have to ask, is it possible to subconsciously have feelings for a friend? Could it be mutual or am I just thinking too much? I mean we know each others likes and dislikes, we do everything together…  Cuddling, holding hands, and we’ve even gone so far as house and car shopping together. We talk about moving to New York together after graduation, which part of NYC we’re gonna live in, he’s met some of my family, and I’m going to meet his family for Christmas. It’s just like dating without the title.

Is it possible to feel something, act on it, and not really realize it’s happening? Is it possible that we’re more than friend material?


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