Christmas Time!

Love,  laughter, fun and games, food, lights, music, and family… The smell of all your favorite entrees and desserts, and gifts galore under the Christmas tree. Yes, lovely people, that time of year has somehow rolled around again.

Now, while I’m sure we’re all happy that we get to see our families and enjoy good times, we all have that one family member that we have to “pretend” we like. HA! I have a few… So, how do you handle those pesky family members that you wish would disappear? To put it simply, YOU DON’T. Just do what you do. If they ask you something, don’t fake a smile. Just stop and tell them the answer and then get to stepping. If it’s not necessary to be around that person, make sure not to be. I mean why ruin yours and everyone else’s holiday because of your dislike?

Not all families are picture perfect like Hollywood would like us to believe. Just remember what the holidays are about, and try to make the best of whatever situation(s) you may be placed in. Happy Holidays!


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