Ready or Not a New Year is Here

2011 has proven to be a challenging, life-altering, wonderful, and joyous year for me. I’ve had career breakthroughs, battles with my grades, lost a few friends, cut off some family… But most important of all, I believe I discovered ME. It may have literally taken all year for me to get back to a positive and comfortable point in my psyche, but it’s been 365 days well spent.

Now, I’m not going to make any “resolutions” because those never last. By the middle of February most people who say they’re gonna change are right back to doing the things they were before. I however, am taking charge of my health and making it a part of all my other goals to do so. In 2012, I plan to take full responsibility for my actions when it comes to my weight, and I plan to strive for the goal of being healthy while keeping my focus on  my career goals.

While having a being studious, having a social life, and working are all important, over the course of the year, I’ve learned that I have to start putting myself before everything else sometimes. If I’m not in tip-top shape, then I’ll never be able to show the world how amazing I am.

So, without further ado I would like to thank all of those who have stood by me during all my incessant complaining, those who support me in all of my endeavors, and of course the people who sit back and scoff in envy of me. You all make it possible for me to be who I am, and have made it possible for me to discover who I want to be in this world.

The new year will be full of success just as this one has been, and I will strive to conquer just as many learning experiences. To all of my readers, whether you’re ready or not, 2012 has arrived. Happy New Year loves! ♥

-Gabriell Anna


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