Let’s Talk Tuesday | Big City Dreams

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Well, I see myself in a decent apartment in Manhattan, New York, NY. My dad is originally from one of the five boroughs, and ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be in the city.

My mommy is a country girl. Born and raised. Me too. The difference between my mom and I is that I have a large distaste for the suburban country life. It gets boring so quickly… I mean, I’m from a pretty small military town, and you can only go to the movies and mall so many times before other measures are needed. Ha!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing WRONG with the suburbs! I love it. I just prefer a more fast paced life. I’d like to be in a place where no one has time to notice you. Crowds upon crowds of people passing you by with the slightest idea that you even exist. I want to be in an environment where everyone has their own agenda. Sometimes I feel like here (in Tennessee), everyone knows everyone; and, no matter what this person or that one knows some minute detail of your life that you wish could have been hidden under lock and key. It’s like… Although things are “spaced out”, they’re right on top of each other!

I know every demographic has its own flaw(s), but this is just my perspective. Simply me dreaming.

One day I do hope to be in the city with the other side of my family. With my sister specifically. I want to shop the thrift stores, I want to shop the high fashion internationally branded stores, I want to be surrounded by high rise buildings, loud noises, yellow taxi cabs, and thousands of people from all over the world.

I have big city dreams… and who can blame me?


-Gabriell Anna


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