Black History Month: Influential Person

My mom is an upper middle-aged black woman, who has done nothing but overcome obstacles her entire life. Now, while I know that she is not the only person who has obstacles, she is the only person I’ve seen every day since the day I was conceived.
Over the past 20 years she’s done nothing but support me and cater to my dreams and goals. In my eyes she’s done more for me with what she had than most other mothers would ever IMAGINE doing. Through fire, rain, sleet, snow, heaven, hell… You name it, she’s been there. And for that I must commend her.
When I look at how amazing of a woman I’ve grown (and am still growing) to be, I can do nothing but thank God for blessing me with such a strong, spiritual, faithful, Godly woman as a mom. Most parents tell their children to aim to better than they ever were, and my mom does as well… But the truth of the matter is, if I could be half the woman my mother is that would be more than enough for me.

A military veteran, culinary artist, seamstress/fashion designer, sister, friend, and mother… My mommy is my hero.


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