What if There is No Tomorrow?

Over the past month or so I’ve heard and read of SO MANY deaths… Some of which were close to me, and some that were national/international iconic figures. No matter the person involved, death impacts everyone whether they knew the person who passed or not; and, I can honestly say that these events have made me see things a bit differently.

Just yesterday was the one year anniversary of my uncle’s death. He was the closest thing to a real father I had growing up being that my parents are divorced and my dad was off the grid. I never really appreciated what he meant to me until it was too late though. And I believe that of all things, that’s the one that bothers me most about his death. Now, I know that everyone has a set amount of time on this earth, that death is a part of life; but, when you’re young, it tends not to be something that you think about and take to heart.

Since then, I have grown to appreciate all those people I have been blessed enough to have in my life. Though I may not call everyday, or text or write, my true friends know my feelings because I make sure they do. I try not to sit around talking about the things I “could” be doing, but rather I try to take action on things that I know that I can do in the moment.  Not only that, I LIVE. Everyday I challenge myself to do something that I couldn’t have fathomed doing the day before because I may not get the chance to do it ever again.

Life is not infinite. You don’t have forever to do the things you want. You may not even have the next minute. So, don’t “put off tomorrow what you can do today” because tomorrow is not promised. Appreciate your loved ones, and let them know how you feel, chase your dreams, achieve your goals, and most of all remember to enjoy everything you do. HAVE NO REGRETS.


– Gabriell Anna


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