Spring Fever VoxBox | Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Rough Rubber Paste

So this is one of the other products that I received in my Influenster Spring VoxBox. I’m going to tell you now that I don’t have much to say about this product because it did nothing for my hair.

For those reading this who don’t know me personally, I am an African-American woman with natural (not chemically treated) hair. Upon receiving this product I was baffled as to how I would use it on my hair type, as I honestly don’t do any manipulative styling. After some consideration I decided the best option I had was to do a twist out (small two-strand twists all over my head that would be taken out and worn in a crimp-like patterned ‘fro).

I washed my hair and put a tiny amount of leave-in on my hair before separating it into small sections. Once it was twisted and not drenching wet, I started from back to front, undoing each twist, smoothing in the Rough Rubber, and re-twisting. I did this all over my head until all of my hair had been re-twisted with the product applied. I put on my silk bonnet and headed to bed!

Fast forward to the following morning when I was done with all of my other get-ready preparations. After removing my bonnet, I checked to ensure that my hair was indeed dry. (When it’s not,I diffuse so that I can minimize shrinkage.) I proceeded to work from back to front undoing the dried twists being careful not to be too rough as that could cause frizz. Once all the twists were down, I then shook, and separated, working to achieve the perfect look… That look NEVER happened.
Picture for OSIS+ Blog PostWhile this product was packaged nicely and did, in my opinion, have a nice scent, It absolutely WAS NOT for my hair type. It weighed my hair down and made it too sticky, it has NO smoothing properties, and it did nothing for  my hair. The front sections of my hair were so heavy and undefined that I had to flat twist them so I wouldn’t look too much like a Raggedy Anne doll!

Overall I was very disappointed in this product as it was getting great reviews and thought that MAYBE just once a product like this could work for me and my kinky-curly hair. I will say though that a couple of the other products from this line may work better on my hair type, but honestly after this let down, I’m not even sure that I would want to spend the money to “try” to see how they work out.

***Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review, but this product was sent to me by Influenster for review. Please keep in mind that all aforementioned opinions are my own and were influenced in no way by the company. 


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