Update| Post Family Reunion

So the last post I wrote was quite a bit earlier in the summer, and I was heading to my paternal family reunion in Long Island, New York. Well, it’s been a couple of months and quite a bit has happened since then (won’t be going into details of my daddy issues again).

Alright, so… June 22, 2013 was the day that I re-met most of the immediate family members on my dad’s side.  Before that the first time I’d seen (some) them since I was two was two years ago. The reunion was the first event that we were all together since the gathering that was held when I was two years old. As awkward as I felt, it turned out to be a wonderful gathering where I was welcomed with love and kindness: except from my dad (shocking right?!). He pretty much alienated me as though he didn’t even want me present.

Aside from that nonsense there was plenty of delicious food, music, dancing, and games. We even had a magician! The entire thing was a definite success, and I enjoyed being able to acquaint myself with everyone, as well as share a bit about myself seeing as none of them really know a lot about me. Honestly, it was a humbling experience that I’m grateful to have had because many people are not granted with such an opportunity to get to know their families after such a lapse in time.

As far as the present goes, I plan to keep in contact with that side of my family in the future because they are and always will be a part of who I am. Graduate school in the NY area is still in my plans, which will afford me the chance to get to know many of them better during my time studying there.

The situation with my dad however,  is irreparable at this point and I WILL NOT be wasting anymore of my life trying to fix a relationship that has not only been broken for years, but is also one that I did not break in the first place. No longer will I be disrespected by a man who didn’t have the gall to make it a point to participate in his daughter’s life after he walked out. There are absolutely NO EXCUSES for being a deadbeat parent, and I cannot accept any.

So, I’ll be moving on, putting the petty drama behind me, and stepping into a bright positive future.

Peace and Love,

Gabriell Anna


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