Let’s Talk Tuesday | An Inspirational End

ac1995e5b8273b5290f13a45b49eb5cfSo today marks the end of yet another year of trials and tribulations, tears, hard work, happiness, joy, and a plethora of other emotions. Greater than that though, is all the things we’ve learned over the course of the past 12 months. Whether you realize it or not, you’re not the same person you were exactly 365 days ago.

For me, I’ve experienced quite a bit of personal  growth. I don’t have the same friends I once had, in fact, my circle is much smaller. I made the choice to cut some people out because we’re headed down different paths. While it’s completely possible that our paths may cross again at some point, I cannot allow them to drag me down in the present. Also, professionally things have improved for me as I got a new job closer to the healthcare field which is what my chosen career path is. I’ve networked and made some great connections to some people who are making sure I get to through the necessary steps to be the best healthcare professional woman I can be.sometimes-you-have-to-give-up-on-people-inspirational-quotes

2013 has brought many ups and downs for me and my mom, but within the wave of chaos that was our year there were many a blessing that brought joy and peace of mind. I could sit around and complain that this year was awful, but what good would that do? I made it through, my mom made it, my closest friends are doing well… While I did not make it through the year with the same circle of support that I started it with, I can honestly say that I love those who are with me at this moment.

My hope is that with this last year of college classes, I can grow even more as a black woman, a friend, daughter, educator, activist, leader, and student. I’ve learned a great deal over the years, but I realize that I have much more to learn in the years to come. Let 2014 be the year that I truly become confident in my skin. Let this be the year that I come out of my shell and show the world all that I have to offer. I have it in me to change the world, and I’m going to let 2014 be the foundation of the many things I want to do within my lifetime to make a difference.

Happy New Year to all of my readers and I hope that the new year brings you much love, joy, and prosperity.

Signed with Love.

Gabriell Anna


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