Here’s to Another 6 Month Hiatus | Am I coming back?

So I’m sure If you are one of my dedicated followers, you have noticed my lack of presence on this blog. I greatly apologize! For those who don’t know me personally, i am Miss Overcommitment/Save the World. Among the things on my plate this semester, I am taking 3 upper division science courses (all with labs), running an organization on campus, trying to prepare for graaduate school applications, volunteering with other campus things, and working three jobs (two of which are on campus). To say the least, I don’t have time to think or have a day off, let alone run my blog and online presence. Rest assured though, I plan to return when school slows down.

While I am making the time to write, I will share something that has been weighing heavy on me lately.

Over the summer I met some young women who I thought at the time were “a blessing” to me.That’s not to say that they did not serve as a blessing for the short time that they were a part of my life. One of them started some commotion before the summer was over and i felt it best that I distance myself from her because the things being said were not only untrue, but unnecessary. However, I remained acquaintances with the other young lady because we had no problems and she brought a positivity to my life that I did not have in very many of my other local relationships. Well, fast forward to about two weeks ago, she and I were planning to hang out since we do not have any class overlaps, but she kept blowing me off. Now, I understand fully not having money, or not wanting to be bothered, but on more than one of those occasions I noticed on Instagram that she was out having drinks or partying with other friends. I did not say anything. next thing I know she’s texting being all shady and rude, then something tugs at me and I realize I haven’t seen her on social media… She’s unfriended and blocked me on Insta and Facebook. I want to be wounded, but I’m just so annoyed that as soon as I open myself up to someone, they do things like this. She’s not the first and probably won’t be the last, but dealing with this when you’re already having a difficult semester… Just, no.

What this entire situation has brought me to realize is that I cannot allow those who treat me wrongly to make me shut myself off from the rest of the world because not everyone you encounter will be like that. I’m going to be successful whether people like it and ride the ship with me or not. I may sink a few times, but you better believe I’m going to keep swimming back to shore and starting anew each time. As annoyed as I might be, I will not allow this situation or any other to give me a hardened heart. I will continue treating people with kindness and doing things that will further me academically, professionally, and most important: spiritually.


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