The Most Influential People I Never Thanked

thank-you-quotes-sayings-meaningful-short-cute_largeOver the years I have been blessed to have many great influences in my life. Specifically I have had many great teachers and instructors who went beyond the call of duty to not only show me the way in the classroom, but also to provide me with life mentor ship. And while I know exactly who these people are, I don’t think they have any idea because I never took the time to show my gratitude. Today, I am going to rectify that.

For as long as I can remember school has been my refuge. Not that my home life was particularly rough or anything, but school allowed me a freedom, so to speak, that I have never been able to find in any other environment. To this day, being on campus is the one place that I feel most comfortable and relaxed. But it is not necessarily because of the work I put into my education, but rather the people providing me with the tools I need to succeed. Oddly enough all those things my middle and high school teachers used to tell me about the real world are true. Who would have known?!

No one is going to babysit you, and excuses get you nothing. If you want something you have to work for it, and if that means working full-time overnight to survive while you go to college full-time in the day, you do it. Life is not a joke although it may seem so when you’re in your early to late teen years. Now that I am approaching my college graduation, I am faced with many realities that, up until now, I had not been forced to face. While I know that I am beyond prepared to conquer anything I need to, it doesn’t erase the fact that I’m scared to death about the future that lies ahead of me.

It’s odd because i remember being taught in marching band to adjust to things that may go awry during a set. I never imagined that small lesson would be so useful for the rest of my life. Small things like being involved in yearbook and being forced to communicate with others on the spot taught me how to command a space and take charge. The skills I learned at 16 years old are now getting me opportunities that I never imagined possible at 23. For those that played a role in my life at that time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those of you who hugged me, prayed for me, took care of me when my mom was ill, reminded me to love myself for who I am, please know I am forever in your debt. I can never repay everyone who has made me who I am, but know that each of you hold  special place in my heart.

I look back on the girl I was when I first left home and compare her to the young woman I am now to find that I am awed at what four and a half years can do to a person. Though I didn’t believe in myself back then, I fully believe in myself now. The confidence I now boast is because of all the wonderful people who reminded me that I could not give up, and that I was worth whatever reward that is at the end of my journey. When I reach the end of the journey, I will share as much as I reap.

Peace and Love.



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