About the Author

12183003_10207253538164289_1694089191355325429_oMy name is Gabriell, and I am a 20-something Masters of Public Health graduate student living in Tennessee. This blog is my little piece of the internet to share thoughts, experiences, wisdom, and happiness. Basically I’m on a journey to self-fulfillment because like many other young adults, I have encountered, and continue to encounter many obstacles while trying to obtain my goals and I want to share those experiences and what I’ve learned from them. Hopefully I’ll inspire some people along the way!

My writing is meant to be an inspiration to those who read it or hear about it through the sharing of others. I will be discussing choices I have made to help me grow into my personality and beliefs, notable college experiences, as well as positive and negative encounters on my path to success.

In addition, there will be product reviews, beauty posts, health talk, and some recipes and cooking tips.

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