Motivational Monday|I’m Off to Grad School!

I heavily apologize for my lack of presence. I legitimately overbooked my life this past school year; but, I am back with fantastic things to share with the world! As some of you know from following my other social media, not only did I graduate from my undergraduate institution,  I got accepted to an MPH… Continue reading Motivational Monday|I’m Off to Grad School!


The Yoga Files | A Yoga Aha! Moment

So I'm really just getting into my yoga journey this semester as I'm enrolled in an intermediate yoga class for a credit I need for graduation. It's funny because I never had a long-term goal or plan to continue practicing yoga once I'd gotten the physical education requirements for my first degree out of the… Continue reading The Yoga Files | A Yoga Aha! Moment


Hmm. Just a thought.

So I finally built up my confidence in regards to beginning my journey as a Personal Trainer and potentially a Health Coach or Health Fitness Specialist... Then I saw some posts by some of my really fit friends and got discouraged all over again. I know, I know, we all have to start somewhere and… Continue reading Hmm. Just a thought.