Motivational Monday|I’m Off to Grad School!

I heavily apologize for my lack of presence. I legitimately overbooked my life this past school year; but, I am back with fantastic things to share with the world! As some of you know from following my other social media, not only did I graduate from my undergraduate institution,  I got accepted to an MPH… Continue reading Motivational Monday|I’m Off to Grad School!


The Yoga Files | A Yoga Aha! Moment

So I'm really just getting into my yoga journey this semester as I'm enrolled in an intermediate yoga class for a credit I need for graduation. It's funny because I never had a long-term goal or plan to continue practicing yoga once I'd gotten the physical education requirements for my first degree out of the… Continue reading The Yoga Files | A Yoga Aha! Moment


Let’s Talk Tuesday | Fitness & Health

One thing I've always struggled with is my weight. Over the past year or so my internal struggle with weight loss has become more than just an uphill battle... it's become more of a downhill war. I find myself experiencing bouts of motivation and bouts of discouragement; and, some days I feel like the weight… Continue reading Let’s Talk Tuesday | Fitness & Health