Reclaiming My Life

2017 was literally the worst year of my life. If you’ve followed my journey to this point, you’re aware that I was the primary caregiver for my mother who was suffering from advanced heart failure and illnesses secondary to that. In addition, I’ve been in college since 2010 (undergrad and immediately into graduate school). Well,… Continue reading Reclaiming My Life


What if There is No Tomorrow?

Over the past month or so I've heard and read of SO MANY deaths... Some of which were close to me, and some that were national/international iconic figures. No matter the person involved, death impacts everyone whether they knew the person who passed or not; and, I can honestly say that these events have made… Continue reading What if There is No Tomorrow?


Let’s Talk… | More Than Just Friends?

"AW! You two are such a cute couple!" I find myself running into this exclamation way too often as of late while spending time with my best friend. And for some reason it definitely has me thinking... To give a bit of background before I really get into this, I've known this guy since I… Continue reading Let’s Talk… | More Than Just Friends?